Anvith Thudi

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Currently an undergraduate student at UofT in the Math Specialist program (pure math), and part of Prof. Nicolas Papernot's Cleverhans lab.





A collection of expository essays written while studying C* algebras and their classification under Prof. George Elliott. The goal of these essays is to present the main prerequisite ideas for a particular problem in one relatively short document (as a sort of reference guide with a common theme).

  1. Category Theory and Classification
  2. The Classification of "Nice" C* Algebras
  3. The Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem (Note: indirectly motivated by a graduate course in Riemannian Geometry and the notion of index in terms of variations)
  4. Graphs and C* Algebras (Note: was taking a graduate course in combinatorics and hence had graphs on my mind)
  5. Irrational Rotational Algebras (Note: this is often the first concrete example on the classification of C* algebras one sees)